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  Not a Coloring Book

Available NOW on Amazon! Savage Primer on art, life and process: This began as a journal and is the first Little Savage Book. Little Savage light-heartedly pokes fun at her “Savage” self while lampooning the world of art and exploring her creative process. This is a smart comic book for the smart ass child in you, your inner struggling artist. Table of Contents includes: Achieving Sentience, Being Framed, Shitsky Talk, Facing Down the Market, Cartoon Blocks, Savage Exhibitionism,The Cutting Room, and more -- a book to spark your own creativity. Rated PG - 28.

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  Not a Cookbook

Available NOW on AMAZON! This is NOT a Cookbook - What’s cooking in a domestic Savage Life? The Little Savage is not domesticated, and is adjusting to life in the 21st Century. Recipes for disaster and fun, metaphysical kitchen karma, domestic bliss explored in Savage’s quest to learn to cook. Also includes Savage tips on Etiquette and Forks. All life revolves around food, a most basic Savage need. Little Savage has a recipe contest to get her friends to cook for her. The only actual recipes will be collected and posted online from Savage gallery openings, house parties, and desperate attempts online to get her friends to submit recipes online.

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  NOT a Datebook

This is NOT a Date Book, plus. a Little Savage™ Time Minder (aka Calendar). Reflections on time, space, dates, being single, singularities, and the multi-verse.

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Little Savage by Penny Little began in 1991 when she was signed to Warner Brothers and decided to draw her life in pictures instead of words.