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Penny Little, Creator of Little Savage

In the early 90's, a drummer in my band said "You're a little savage!" And I took it to heart. I decided to draw my life in pictures instead of words. That didn't last long. My journal developed bubbles - and began to take up a lot of space in my life and room. At the time, I was signed to Warner Brothers UK as a singer songwriter, and this journaling process helped me through, especially the period after the band died a slow death and went to Band Purgatory.

Little Savage is hand-made, homemade, authentic, not-corporatized, un-homogenized, streetwise yet innocent, described as "Cathy in purgatory" and a "Twainian character", or a "Comic for the smart ass child in you or your struggling inner artiste.

Penny Little


Penny Little, Producer and Project Shepherd, is an author, artist, musician, film director and event organizer. Penny was signed as a singer songwriter to Warner Brothers UK. Prior to that She toured Japan as a singer, and Hawaii schools with her Bach to Rock Program. She has recorded on numerous albums and toured the US, UK, Europe, and Japan with various musical projects of her own and others.

In addition to writing and performing in the Away Team, Penny's cartoon character, Little Savage™ has run for President since 1996, "but the other cartoons always seem to win." Penny's most recent book "Goodbye Yellow Butterfly" explores her grieving process after the death of her husband and musical partner Nik Green. She choreographed a performance of Nik's music by professional modern ballet dancers and an ensemble of amateur performers. Penny has directed and produced shorts and feature documentaries including the awarding winning "Electile Dysfunction," "911 Dust and Deceit" "Healing Journey." Penny has also worked with Gang Prevention Through the Arts, Artists in the Schools, Summer Solstice Celebration, the Association for Global New Thought, Empowerment Project, Santa Barbara Dance Alliance, Angels Bearing Gifts, and numerous non-profits to produce events, videos and messaging for good causes. Penny was a co-producer of the Awakened World Film Festival in Santa Barbara, 2013. In 2016, she co-produced two events in Tokyo for American artist Howard Lamar, for philanthropy and art. She has facilitated creative arts workshops - music, drama, dance, and fine arts - for children and adults in Japan, the UK, and the US.